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Increase your effectiveness through enriched knowledge of your customers.


PLANet CRM is a fast, reliable, highly customizable and scalable Customer Relationship Management solution - a bespoke tool which fully fits Clients’ needs!

Designed to assist and enable small and medium sized businesses to efficiently coordinate all operational and customer-facing aspects of business: from prospect and client contact tools to sales e-mail management, from leads tracking to mass-mail campaigns and much more - all information within PLANet Contact™ is available in intuitively designed layouts and reports.

  • Improves communication - both internally and externally.
  • Increases your effectiveness through enriched knowledge of your customers.
  • Affords identification and targeting of consumers.
  • Affords detailed analysis of consumers, clients and internal operations.
  • Affords identifying and clustering of consumers into groups.
  • Increases loyalty and customer satisfaction.
  • Develops accountability throughout the sales process.
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